New Clubhouse Planned

BY LOCAL ARCHITECT.Will Furnish Comfortable and Commodious Quarters for the
Men – Will Be Supplied with Hot and Cold Water Baths, Lockers and Other Conveniences
Which Will Be Appreciated.

“Plans for the new A. J. G. baseball club house between this city and Johnstown, have been prepared
by Architect F. L. Comstock of this city, and work on the building will be started at an early date in order to have it ready for the opening of the grounds.

During the last visit of Manager Earl in the city, the matter of a club house was taken up and it was
decided to erect a one story building, dimensions 40×20 similar to the style of the grand stand with a large projecting roof extending over the front of the building, which would serve as a porch cover. The building is to be of finished timber and will be stained an attractive color. The structure will be located on the southeast of the grandstand.

The interior of the building has been patterned after one of the best club houses in the National
league, and while not so large, it is well adapted to the needs of the local club. Facilities for the care of the
men while in training and after a hard afternoon’s work in a game, has been a matter of thought in the
arrangement of the baths and dressing rooms.

The plans show a large hall with entrance in the center of the building, dressing rooms to the right and
left. One of these rooms is to be occupied by the A. J. G. members, while the opposite room is to be used by the visiting team. Between the two rooms are the baths, hot and cold water. Individual lockers are arranged in the A. J. G. dressing rooms for the players. The lockers are to have a screen arrangement which will allow ventilation and heat to reach the clothes and dry them out, while they are hanging there.

This will be an improved feature in the club house which will be greatly appreciated by the members of the team, as too often uniforms damp from perspiration or rain have to be used.”

(Gloversville paper, from company scrapbook)