First Game at A.,J.&G. Park

1906_07_13Amsterdam Evening Recorder,  Friday, July 13, 1906

New Grounds Are Opened.  Earl’s Men Unfurl Pennant Of 1905.  Incidentally They Win.

Lazy Lunatics Allow Last years Champions to Beat Them in Contest Which Marks Opening of Finest Baseball Park in the State League Circuit.

Thursday Marked the formal opening of the new and modern A., J. & G. baseball park at Gloversville and the unfurling of the pennant for the championship of 1906.  President John H. Farrell graced the occasion with his presence and pitched the first ball over the plate preceding which ceremony the A., J. & G. and Utica Clubs made a  street parade of Gloversville and Johnstown in a trolley car accompanied by a band.  The new grounds are patterned after the Polo grounds and afford the only grass diamond in the State League circuit.  Twenty five hundred people witnessed the game, which the A., J. & G. won by bunching their hits on Flater in the sixth.  Birmingham’s batting and throw to third in the third inning were features.  The contest was loosely played on both sides and the indifference which characterized the work of the Uticans left little occasion for wonderment as to their present position.

Summary– Two base hits-Birmingham  2, Eagan.  Sacrifice hits- Childs 2, Earl, Weaver.  Stolen bases- Swayne,  Weaver.  Left on bases–A.,J.G. 8.  Utica 10.  First base on balls—Off Villeman 2.  Off Flater 4.  First base on errors A.,J.G.  2.  Utica 1.  Hit by pitched balls By Villeman 3,  (Manning, Swayne, McDonald): by Flater ( Villeman.)   Struck out–By Villeman  1. by Flater 2.  Time of game-two hours.  Umpire—Smink.  Attendance—-2025 ( paid.)