A.,J.&G. Leases Harrison St. Land

• Originally Known as A.,J.&G. (Amsterdam, Johnstown & Gloversville) Park, the local railroad company, F,J&G, built the park as a tourist attraction and stop on the railroad.

This article dated 10/12/1905 announces the long term lease agreement between A.,J.&G. baseball association and C.W. Judson for six acres of land on Harrison Street to be converted to a baseball park.

Plans announced to build a grandstand which will accommodate 1,500 spectators and promises that the new ball grounds would be “equal to any in the circuit and superior to some”.


1905_10_12New Baseball Park. Judson Lot, Gloversville, to the future playground of the JAGs.

Howard Earl and his champions will win next years New York State league pennant on new ball grounds, which will be the equal of any in the circuit and the superior of some.  A deal has just been consummated between the A,.J. & G. baseball association and C. W. Judson whereby the association secures a long term lease of six acres of land on Harrison Street in the south end of Gloversville and the grounds will be converted into a baseball park and all local State league games will be played there in the future.  The new grounds are situated on the south side of the street about 1,000 feet distant from South Main Street and between that street and the F.,J.& G. steam and interurban lines.

A large grand stand which will accommodate 1,500 people will be erected early in the spring and will be in readiness before the season commences. Large bleachers will also be constructed, and everything which will add to the convenience of the patrons of the national game will be carried out.