Wagner Comes to Town…Again

This article dated 7/24/1937, promotes an upcoming game in town featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates, this time with Wagner serving as the manager.

This article recounts how Honus Wagner played on Parkhurst Field generations before (actually 30 years to the day of this article) when he was “in his prime”.


1937-07-24SATURDAY,  JULY 24,  1937

Four Gloversville Hurlers Will Get Chance to Oppose Pittsburgh Pirates Monday/  Management of Gloversville Team Plans to Work Out Nearly All Local Pitchers Against Big Leaguers in Exhibition Game at Berkshire Park Monday Afternoon at 4:30—-Pirates Are Only Third Big League Team to Come to City in the Past Thirty Years.

Manager “Pep” Martin of the Gloversville Can-Amers planned today to give four of his star hurlers a crack at the Pittsburgh Pirates Monday.

The dope is ; Farrington two innings,  then Tulacz,  Pepper and Harrison all working at different stages of the game.

The third big league ball club to appear in this city in over thirty years is coming to town on Monday afternoon when the Pittsburgh Pirates take the field on the Fairgrounds at 4:30 P.M.  The visitors have guaranteed to start their regular line-up in spite of the fact that they need to save their men for the tight pennant race they are in in their own league.

Pirates Here Years Ago

Strange to stay,  the memory of the oldest citizen recalls but three big league clubs to appear here.  The first one was the same Pittsburgh Pirates who played the Howdy Earl’s Jags,  back in the early 1900’s.  In those days Honus Wagner,  now a coach with the Pirates,  was in his prime and did a great deal of shortstopping on the old Jag Park,  now Parkhurst Field.

The next one was about 1922 when George burns brought the Cincinnati Reds to town against the local Elk team.  About 3,500 people crammed the Parkhurst Field and saw “Bill” Forbes steal the show with a circus catch in center field.

This time “Pie” Traynor comes again to town with the Pirate team.  The team will arrive in this city about 8 in the morning to spend the day here.  They will headquarter at the Kingsborough Hotel.

Boys Get Chance

The Local team will be on its toes for the big game as they all know that the Pittsburgh team has a dual purpose in coming here.  One is to make money, while the other is to look over the Can-Am leaders to see what material they can pick up for their 1940 line-up in the big leagues.

To the local fan it will be the biggest baseball day in years,  to the local players it will be a shot at a “place in the sun”  and to the Pittsburgh team it will be a furtherance of their well-known policy of helping out the smaller minor leagues.