Parkhurst Features Local Ball

Parkhurst Field continued to host local great local ball for decades to come.

This article dated 9/6/1921 recaps a game played between the Fonda-Fultonville Twin Cities and the Mayfield Tigers.

One great local player was James Walsh, who played for the Twin Cities team and whose original uniform graces our museum.

Donation of his jersey courtesy of Helene Walsh Stevens, Barbara Burton, Deborah Trombley ..
Jim Walsh’s Daughter & Grand Daughters.



Defeated Mayfield Tigers in Opening Game of Series on Saturday on Parkhurst Field


With Marty Kinnere pitching mid season ball and his teammates working well behind him,  the Twin Cities,  representing Fonda and Fultonville,  defeated the Mayfield Tigers in the opening game of their series,  on Saturday afternoon on Parkhurst field in this city by a score of 8 to 3.

The Twin Cities aggregation by timely hitting off of O’Brian,  who was on the mound for the Tigers,  scored four runs in the second inning,  enough to win the game.  They also annexed two in the third and two in the ninth.  O’Brian was relieved in the third by Isaacs,  who after the third inning held the Twin Cities until the ninth.

For the twin Cities Coville,  Quick and Marone hit well,  Coville getting 4 hits out of 5 trips to the plate.  Dillenbeck,  who worked behind the bat for the Montgomery county team taking the place of Howe,  who was injured in Amsterdam on Thursday, caught a nice game,  and conected with the ball for a double.

For the losers,  Gill excelled with the stick,  getting three of the six hits made by Mayfield.

In the neighborhood of 1,200 persons witnessed the game.

The second game in the series will be played on the same field next Saturday afternoon.