Parkhurst Features Local Ball

This article dated 5/4/1933 explains that Mr. Parkhurst has leased the field to the local Rite-Way team of the newly formed NYS League.

The fields were to be improved and bleachers added in front of the old grandstands

Other teams in the division include the Mayfield Pirates and Amsterdam Sanfords


Home of Old A., J. & G. Team Will Be Enclosed and Bleachers Erected
To Play Sunday Ball
Local Aggregation Will open Season Against Sanfords on May 14th.

Manager Bob Vine of the Rite-Way baseball team yesterday announced that a contract has been signed with Richard Parkhurst whereby the Rite-Ways,  a member team of the newly formed New York State League,  will use the field for all home games,  including twilight,  Saturday afternoon and Sunday affrays.  Sunday Baseball was voted in the city several years ago,   but no team has ever had a field on which to play.  Now that Parkhurst Field has become available,  Manager Vine states that the league games will be played there on Sundays as well as other days.

To Be Improved

Parkhurst Field,  once the rendezvous for local baseball fans in the days of the old Danforth team and of the old State League,  will be improved and bleachers will be erected in front of the bid grandstand,  now used as a storehouse.

A fence is to enclose the entire park which will mean protection to the team in a financial way so that those who see games will pay for the privilege.  The diamond also is to have plenty of attention.  Workmen have started to go over the infield,  take out the bumps and leave a grass infield.  Manager Vine hopes to have the field in ship-shape within a week or ten days and plans the first game there for Sunday,  May 14th.  The team is to open it’s season against the Sanfords of Amsterdam,  in Amsterdam,  next Sunday.

Will Meet Pirates

Regarding the challenge issued by the Mayfield Pirates,  Manager vine said that it is a little early to talk about the championship of the county since neither team has yet played a game,  but he will play the Pirates a week from Thursday,  as they suggest,  provided his team can be whipped into shape by that time.

If this is not possible by that date,  the game will be booked at the earliest possible time.

The Rite-Ways will practice at 6:30 P.M. today at Parkhurst Field.