Gloversville/Johnstown Rivalry

This article dated 8/16/1924 recaps last night‟s game on Parkhurst Field featuring the local Gloversville team vs the Knox Gelatines of Johnstown.

The game was the fourth of a series of games played between the two teams.

The game drew 400-600 fans.

The next game was to be played at Sacandaga Park, which was located across the Sacandaga River from where Sport Island is located today.

Gloversville Loses Listless Game Played On Parkhurst Field.


In one of the slowest games played on Parkhurst field this season the All Johnstown defeated the All Gloversville aggregation last night by the score of 6 to 2.

Johnstown by bunching hits in the second inning,  started the scoring and garnered two counters.  Glovresville was held scoreless until the fourth inning when by a series of hits by Gill and Pelcher managed to even up the count,  Gill and Holmes crossing the pan at home.

That was the end of the scoring by the All Gloversville outfit.  Johnstown managed to add one in the fifth and three in the sixth.

Between 400 and 500 fans turned out for the contest which was the fourth in the series,  the first game being a tie,  the second was won by Gloversville and the last two contests being annexed by the Johnstown players.

The same teams will meet this afternoon at the booth and company picnic at Sacandaga park.