Glovers Practice on Parkhurst

This article dated 4/16/1951 explains that the Glovers would be holding practice at Parkhurst Field.

The Glovers played their regular games at Glovers Park, where Hannaford in Gloversville stands now.

Home plate was near the back center of the store and faced towards the pharmacy for the pitcher‟s mound.


1951-04-16Glovers Launch Training

MONDAY,  APRIL  16,  1951.

More Than 20 Candidates Arrive in City;  Barillari Plans Long Workouts Daily/  First Session Held at Parkhurst Field;  Manager Orders Men to Report Every Morning at 10;  More Players Expected.

More than 20 potential members of the Gloversville-Johnstown  Canadian-American league team were in town today ready to go though their first official paces in training for the coming season which opens May 1.

Manager Al Barillari,  in his first year at the helm of the Glovers,  supervised his initial workout this morning at Parkhurst Field.  In the event of inclement weather,  sessions will be conducted in the armory.

The pilot has ordered the men to report to Glover Park every morning at 10.  Training will continue until 4:30 P.M.,  with an hour off for lunch which will be served at the place where the candidates are in training.

Most of the ball players arrived in the city yesterday,  keeping business manager Dick Hoey busy transporting them to their lodging places in private homes.  More are expected in the next few days as they begin their bids for regular berths with the team.

Here already are Jim Balogh,  Eddie Calderone,  Bob Carlson,  Carl Harris,  Bob Vorell,  Ernie Despirito,  Jimmy Helbig,  and Joe Davidson,  candidates for infield berths;  John Early,  Ted Guinan and Alex Oglesby,  catchers;  Tom Crossley,  John Coakley,  Al Barkus,  Frank Marten,  Bob Phillips,  Vince Caneps,  and Bob Knipe,  pitchers;  Bill McLaren,  Lou Salerno,  and Jim Francis,  outfielders.

A meeting of the league officials was conducted in Pittsfield Saturday.