George Burns Plays Parkhurst

This article dated 10/8/1920 previews a game to be played between the Gloversville and Johnstown teams featuring the New York Giants’ George Burns.

George Joseph Burns (November 24,1889 – August 15, 1966) was born in Utica, moved to Gloversville in 1920, and spent most of his career with the NY Giants. In a 15-season career, he was a .287 hitter with 1,188 runs, 41 home runs and 611 runs batted in in 1853 games played. He collected 2,077 hits in his career.



If the weather is anywhere near like baseball weather today,  it is expected that there will be a large turn out at Parkhurst field this afternoon, when a team composed of all Gloversville players,  with the exception of George Burns,  star outfielder for the New York Giants,  who will play left field for the local aggregation  will meet a team from Johnstown.

Both Manager Eggens,  who will pilot the local players,  and Manager Borst,  who will look after interests of the Johnstown team,  announced last night that they had selected their teams with considerable care and both managers expressed themselves that they expected a victory.

George Burns,  who was in Gloversville yesterday afternoon,  was a pleasant caller at The Morning Herald office and stated that he would appear with the local club this afternoon,  and said although he would not catch,  he would play left field position,  which is played by him on the New York team.

About ten years ago,  before Burns broke into big league company,  he always played behind the bat,  and at that time he was the battery mate of Hollenbeck,   who is at present hurling them over the pan for the Sacandaga team.  It was hoped the Burns would double up with Holly this afternoon,  but he stated that he was to play winter baseball in Cuba this year,  he did not want to take any chances of getting a broken finger this afternoon.

The teams will line up this afternoon as follows:  Gloversville —-Let Holmes,  catcher;  Hollenbeck,  pitcher;  Billington,  first base;  Mahoney,  second base;  Greenslete,  short stop;  Gill,  third base;  burns,  left field;  Bud Holmes,  center field;  and Sandner,  right field.

Johnstown—-Hastings,  catcher;  Campbell,  pitcher;  Scovic,  first base;  Kane,  second base;  Clark,  short stop;  Capron,  third base;  Leslie,  left field;  McKittrick,  center field;  and  Cedar Holm,  right field.

The game will be called at three o’clock sharp, as the diamond will be used at five o’clock for a regular Sunset League game.