Fraternal League at Parkhurst

This article dated 5/14/1924 recaps last night‟s inaugural game of the Fraternal Baseball League in Gloversville between the Knights of Columbus and the Eagles.

Among other teams included was the American Legion, the Masons and the Adelphi Social and Athletic Club.

The Knights of Columbus were allowed to borrow a few players from the

1924_05_14THE MORNING HERALD,  WEDNESDAY,  MAY 14,  1924

Fraternal League Gets Away to an Auspicious Beginning.


The Fraternal baseball league was of to an auspicious start when the Knights of Columbus defeated the Eagles by a score of 7 to 3 in a five inning game on Parkhurst field last night.

The Eagles made a bid for the game in their last time at bat but lost their chance when they fell victim to a double play leaving the tieing runs on base.

Norman,  a new man in the box for the Eagles,  showed plenty of stuff but was a little shy of control.  Vine and Joseph in the outfield made a couple of good catches and the infield Roy Hollenbeck  and Bobbie Hopkins in action looked much better than last year.  In fact even in defeat the team gave good promise of putting up a mighty snappy article of baseball.

The K. of C. minus two or three of their men were allowed to use Bucholz and Adore of the Adelphi club.  with there regular line up in there they will be able to hold their own with any of them.

Tonight the American Legion will line up against the Masons,  new entry in the league which boasts of several good men.  In fact the league this year looks to be much better balanced and faster than any previous year.  all games are started promptly at 6:30 and will be played on Parkhurst Field the rest of the week.

Bill Abbott was umpire and his work was excellent,  he is to be the regular man for the season.