Burns Plans Move to Gloversville


George Burns,  New York National Outfielder,  to Engage in Business Here

His Father Here Now.


Gloversvillians generally,  and particularly the baseball and sporting fraternity,  will be interested to know that George Burns,  the noted baseball player and heavy hitting outfielder of the New York Giants expects to become a resident of Gloversville following the close of the baseball season early next fall.  This announcement was made yesterday,  simultaneously with the further announcement that John E. Burns,  of Little Falls,  father of the distinguished Giant,  was in the city making initial preparations and arrangements for the opening of a pool and billiard parlors in this city.

Readers of The Morning Herald will recall that several weeks ago–just prior to George Burns departure for the Giants spring training grounds in Texas–this paper announced the visit to Gloversville of the latter,  accompanied by his father.  No announcement was made at the time regarding the object of their visit,  other than to call upon a few local friends and acquaintances.  However,  it leaked out yesterday morning that the elder Burns was here again and then followed the announcement of their business plans locally and the intention of the famous baseball player to take up his permanent residence in this city later in the year. The Burnses,  father and son,  at present conduct a like business in Little Falls and the elder will remain in charge there,  with George Burns at the helm here.

The Burnses have negotiated for the lease of the second floor of  the Littauer building in South Main Street,  directly overhead the DeWitt store,  and recently vacated to the Gloversville Lodge of Moose.  John E. Burns  of Little Falls is at present in the city superintending the work of remodeling the rooms and putting them in condition for the installation and opening of a fine billiard and pool parlor.  Twelve billiard and pool tables will be installed and the parlors opened to the public early in the spring.

John E. Burns will have charge and remain in this city until the close of the 1920 baseball season.  When George Burns and Mrs, Burns will come to Gloversville, the baseball player taking personal charge of the billiard and pool parlors and retaining his permanent home in Gloversville during the periods between the baseball seasons.  The Burns family formerly resided in St. Johnsville and for the past eight years have lived in Little Falls their present place of residence.  George Burns has been seeking a business location for sometime past and was finally attracted to Gloversville by exceptional industrial and commercial life of the city.  He has been here a number of times to look over the field and had become acquainted with the city and it’s business possibilities by recent visit to Caroga and Canada Lakes and at Sacandaga.  On the occasion of several visits to Gloversville George Burns and his father have been the guests of Carl Churchill.

Gloversville will be glad to welcome John E. Burns and his son,  George,  the new famous diamond star,  and it is safe to assume that while the baseball fans of the Glove cities have previously followed the remarkably successful career of the Mohawk valley player in the baseball world,  they will take on renewed interest in his doings now that it is anticipated that he will eventually become a Gloversvillian himself.