Activities and Spending

Beyond accommodations, the economic impact of these tournaments is spread across several business segments. Table 4 shows that the majority of attending families purchase restaurant meals, gasoline, groceries and other retail products.

Table 4 – Activities and Spending


With more than 1827 families brought to the Fulton County area for these tournaments, total direct spending in the region is $1.8M.
Note: In terms of total economic impact, this number is quite conservative. Typically, events use multipliers of 1.3 or more to reflect the indirect results of visitor spending. Because there is some debate as to which multiplier is appropriate for events of this type, the research team has chosen to present direct spending figures only.

While most families do stay only for the duration of the tournaments, there are some family groups that spend several days in the region either before or after these tournaments going to beaches, shopping, and enjoying various recreational activities. This amounts to no more than 4.5 percent of the total, but could be an important area of growth, especially when we tie in the Sacandaga Region to the equation.