E.S.Parkhurst Co. Fields a Team

This article dated 7/14/1919 recaps a game between the E.S. Parkhurst & Co., Inc. team and the Schenectady Illuminating Co. team at the former JAG Park, now Parkhurst Field. The Schenectady Illuminating Company supplied Schenectady homes and businesses with fuel for heating, cooking and lighting. The Schenectady...

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Grimshaw Manages Danforths

This article, dated 4-13- 1915, explains that Danforth’s manager, Moose Grimshaw was preparing for the season. He had been released by Louisville the year before, ending his MLB career. DANFORTHS GET READY FOR PLAY Will Start Practice Work at J. & G. Park This Week A Good Baseball Season Is Promised the...

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NY Bloomer Girls at A. J. & G. Park

Women have been playing baseball in the New York metropolitan area almost as long as baseball itself has been in existence. Shortly after the first professional men’s teams formed in the late 1860s, women began forming various recreational “base ball” clubs. Then in 1910, ballplayers Dan Whalen, Joe...

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Danforths Defeat Philly Giants

This article, dated 8-14-1913, recapped a game at “J&G Park” between the Danforths and the Philadelphia Colored Giants. The Philadelphia Giants were a Negro league baseball team that played from 1902 to 1916. From 1904 to 1909 they were one of the strongest teams in black baseball, winning...

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