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Grant Sought to restore Parkhurst Field

By KERRY MINOR The Leader-Herald GLOVERSVILLE – Parkhurst Field is going after a state Consolidated Funding Application to help realize a goal of transforming the Little League field into a destination location for traveling teams. The Parkhurst Field Foundation...

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House of David at Parkhurst

This picture and article dated 7/27/1931 promotes the upcoming game between the famed House of David team against the Gloversville Eagles at Parkhurst Field. From 1917-1955, the long-haired, and bearded team from the commune in MI traveled the country. They didn’t shave because of their faith....

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Detroit Clowns at Parkhurst

This article dated 7/6/1931 promoted an upcoming game featuring the Gloversville Eagles vs the Detroit Clowns. The Clowns were well a well known and talented barnstorming ball club featuring Buster Kenny, a clown player at first base, and player/manager Pepper Martin, both former House of David players seen here in a 1920 photo....

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HOF Roush Plays Parkhurst

  Edd J. Roush (May 8, 1893 – March 21, 1988) was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. He played the majority of his career in center field, and had his best years with the Cincinnati Reds. With the Reds...

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